Acupuncture and Natural Health Center

Maria Teresa M. Bresnan, LAC, NTP
National Board Certified in Acupuncture – NCCAOM
Licensed Acupuncturist (OR)
Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consists of several modalities including acupuncture, herbs, massage, nutrition, and Qi Gong. The basis for all these modalities is in the meridian system. Meridians are pathways in the body where energy and blood are said to flow. The existence of meridians might not make any sense to modern western anatomy (please see section on acupuncture for some modern day evidence), however TCM has been functioning and healing people for thousands of years. Today’s TCM practitioner follows precepts and formulas set up by centuries of Chinese Medicine Doctors.

Fourteen main meridians exist, each one associated with one or more major organs and a midline frontal and dorsal meridian. Energy or Qi flows through these meridians as well as the herbs. Disease is a manifestation of weakness or blockage in these meridians. Acupuncture, herbs, massage, nutrition, and Qi Gong help the meridians regain their balance and health by nourishing and regulating the energy flowing within.