Nutritional Therapy

In the modern time, we no longer nourish ourselves as our ancestors did. Traditional methods of farming that preserve soil richness are seldom employed, leaving soil barren and minerally depleted. Modern crops therefore have been verified to contain less nutrients and vitamins than they used to even 50 years ago. Traditional food preparations that preserved nutrient density and vitamin content are also seldom used. Pickling, dehydrating, soaking grains, seeds and nuts to enhance digestive ability are rare activities today. In addition the reliance on fast foods and convenient prepared foods that are devoid of nutrients have led to an epidemic of degenerative disease in the modern era. Where in the early 1900’s the major causes of death were influenza, tuberculosis and pneumonia; today it is degeneration of body systems that create disease and reliance of multiple pharmaceuticals in order just to stay alive.

Many imbalances are the result of poor nutrition and vitamin deficiencies. Individual testing through lingual neural tests of the different vitamins or herbs helps to tailor a protocol for each individual of supplements that will work specifically for them.

At the Acupuncture and Natural Health Center, we guide patients towards finding sources of nutrient dense foods. In the Rogue Valley we are very blessed to have many local farmers and ranchers and markets with local fresh foods.

Of course, a properly prepared nutrient dense diet is the best option, but where busy schedules limit our time in the kitchen, whole food supplements and herbs can support us naturally in our optimal health. Also, when imbalance has existed in our bodies for several years, it can take an additional loading period to re-establish vitamin and mineral storage sites.

All our vitamins are whole food products. In this way we avoid synthetic laboratory versions of vitamins fabricated from petrochemicals and other chemicals. Our bodies evolved eating whole foods and the many known and unknown nutrients in foods are what keep it healthy. Not arbitrary chemical structures and dosages chosen by anonymous chemists sitting in their laboratories. Whole food products are grown organically without pesticides, and other chemicals, juiced and then dehydrated into pill or capsule form.

We dispense Standard Process and Medi-Herb supplements and herbs to improve nutrition and health. These products have been researched and proven effective and safe for over 76 years.